13 Different Massage Types and Techniques You Should Know About

Body Massage has been known to insinuate body energy from the ancient years. Massage implies a specific technique of producing pressure through human fingers at specific energy points in the human body.

This gives immense pleasure to your system and relaxes you to a large extent. Massages are generally taken for various reasons which includes chronic diseases to stress relief techniques.

Here are a couple of techniques which have been described in detail in order to give you a generic idea.

Different Massage Types and Techniques Practiced Around the World

1- Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is known to be one of the commonest forms of massage. Experts claim that, such a massage forms to be a very basic technique, and is very popular in the Western community. But, as suggested by industry professionals, these massages need to be performed with the help of expert masseurs.

Swedish massage requires a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and concentrates on the muscle tissue. It can be performed with a variety of strategies which includes either a slow or a vigorous form. Usually the skin is lubricated with an oil to continue the process. Release of stress is a major objective of such a massage.

2- Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a type of massage which promotes a complete relaxation mechanism. This type of massage is done with the help of essential oils, which have a nice fragrance. Such a fragrance creates a beautiful aura and relaxes your mind and body.

The massage focuses on the limbic system which is a portion of the brain controlling human nerves. As a matter of fact a hot stone massage is claimed to be a kind of ‘aromatherapy massage’ which eases your entire system.

3- Hot Stone Massage

A Hot stone massage is essentially a type of aromatherapy, which relaxes your entire body. Typically prescribed for relieving stress this kind of massage can help you to get rid of muscular pain, body stiffness, digestive disorders and a lot many other complications that you might have.

The technique followed is wrapping a stone to create a pressure on the specific muscles of your body in order to create an impact. Special fragrance based essential oils are used to lubricate the skin which help in complete relaxation.

4- Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Massage

Special type of massage creates pressure points on specific tissues. This type of massage might feel to be a little irritating initially, as pressure created on specific points can make you feel uncomfortable. However, you can stay relaxed as the entire process involves a methodical approach, to be honest.

Knuckles and elbows are used till a large extent to create a huge pressure on the bones and associated muscles. Deep tissue massages are usually helpful for people who are rough and tough and can take the stress by itself.

5- Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu (literally, “finger pressure”) is a massage which is brought into effect through fingers. The massage is understood to be an ancient technique based from Japan. Finger points in this case are used by masseurs in order to create pressure. Such a massage creates a balance in body metabolism through improving the flow of positivity throughout.

Shiatsu is a kind of massage which is used as a complete healing technique. It is widely popular due to its effectiveness to calm the human nerves which reduce stress through improving blood circulation. Such a massage improves various ailments including pain and headache.

6- Thai Massage

A very invigorating technique for massage, Thai massage creates different yoga postures in order to improve energy flow in the body.

Every part of the human body is deployed through such kind of massage, as this helps in stretching out of muscles. Thai massages are usually prescribed for patients who are immobile, and needs overall improvement of health.

7- Sports Massage

Sports massages are usually designed for individuals who are hyper active. This type of massage combines various techniques to concentrate on specific body parts.

Designed for athletes, such massages can help you to tone your muscles in order to prevent injuries. Sports massage helps in better circulation of blood and helps in reducing painful muscle impacts. At the same time, it helps to reduce mental anxiety and stress.

8- Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is one of the best in terms of reducing body toxins. It helps to energize the lymphatic system, which help in damage control through regulating the formation of body fluids.

Such a massage helps in drainage of excessive fluids and is suggested for patients who have undergone a complicated surgery. It is understood that, lymphatic massage involves a gentle pressure technique which helps in removal of fluids which are of waste.

9- Pregnancy Massage

Safety and purpose of pregnancy massage have been questioned from the ancient times. However, as per opinions shared by medical practitioners, it is understood that pregnancy massages can be an important tool during pre natal care.

However, such massages are advised to be taken on medical supervision and guidance as it requires trained hands in order to avoid calamities during pregnancy.

10- Water or Hydro Massage

Hydro massage uses water pressure in order to sooth your system. Massage techniques are applied in water to relax your muscles. Thermal control is a mechanical part, which involves massage therapies inside warm water. Such massages are useful in order to alleviate soft tissue injuries.

Such injuries can be caused by low back pain, arthritis, chronic and acute pain, neck injuries, TMJ, sports injuries, pregnancy discomforts, Crohn’s Disease, insomnia, etc. Like all normal massages it helps in stress relieving for patients as well.

11- Tantric Massage

A much questioned technique, it involves various elements of yoga, as well as sexual comforts. Therapeutic confrontations of sexual therapies are performed by expert masseurs.

Such massages orient from several theories related to the happiness of mind body and soul and improves an overall connect. This in turn can increase the level of happiness experienced by the human soul.

12- Reflexology Massage

Addressing reflex points underneath your foot is just what reflexology is all about. Each and every point below our feet are said to be connected with an important organ. Putting pressure in those energy points can create miracles for your overall health as such.

The entire process induces a feeling of comfort to initiate overall healing. Intense movements of fingers underneath of your foot are what constitute a reflexology massage. Hand and ears can also be treated for the same purpose.

13- Reiki

Reiki is a much discussed technique nowadays, which is different from body massage. Reiki constitutes body movements rather than body massage in order to heal internal deficiencies. Physical movement of body parts is important because it helps in circulation of positive energy.

However, as far as the methodologies are concerned, both Reiki and massage promotes the process of natural healing. Relaxation and stress relief in addition to overall improvement in health are understood to be major objectives of both the processes.

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