Shiatsu Vs Swedish Massage: Which Is Better And Why?

Shiatsu massage and Swedish massage are the two different kind of massaging techniques that are of immense popularity. You need to understand its varied benefits and differences before you choose to go ahead with one of them…

Shiatsu Massage Vs Swedish Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage originated from Japan in 1970s and has been in practice since then. This form of massage gets its root from traditional Chinese medicine and mainly works through pressure technique.

In shiatsu massage form, pressure is applied with thumbs, elbows, knees or feet and this pressure is directly applied to various pressure points in your body. This kind of massage technique mainly focuses on rotation and stretching of limbs, joints and other pressure points in your body helping you relax your complete body.

The theory with Shiatsu form of massage is that our bodies has inbuilt energies that might get blocked inside and cause you suffering. With the help of Shiatsu massage, this blockages in your body is released and eases your body and mind completely.

Swedish Massage

With Swedish massage you are transferred to a world of complete relaxation. One of the primary goals of Swedish massage technique is to relax your complete muscles thereby relaxing your body.

This type of massage technique is exceptionally good in decreasing muscle toxins and improved oxygen and blood flow in your body. Swedish massage technique helps in improving flexibility and easing out tension from your body.

What’s The Difference?

Although both Shiatsu and Swedish massage helps in relieving stress in your muscles (providing complete relief to your body), both massage techniques are different on its own way and cannot be treated the same.

The difference between both kinds of massage techniques are as listed below:

Touch and technique of massage: Both Swedish and Shiatsu massage is different with the way it is performed. Swedish massage is prone to remove stress and relax your body while Shiatsu focuses on your pressure points. This helps in synchronizing your body energy completely.

Dress Code: In Swedish massage, there is mostly use of massage oils and lotions so you can actually stay naked or covered with whatever the spa offers you to wear. While Shiatsu helps in relieving stress with your pressure points and hence you can wear comfortable clothing while you are in the spa.

Varied Benefits

Swedish massage is mainly performed to ensure you stay relaxed and your muscles are relieved of stress and tension. This massage technique will help you to be rejuvenated after a session.

While Shiatsu technique is more inclined towards making your body comfortable and spread your inner energy flow through your body.

Other than the above differences, the major difference that comes with Swedish and Shiatsu massage is on its origination. While Shiatsu originated from Asia, Swedish massage has its roots originated from Europe.

Which Is Better And What Type Of Massage Should I Get?

Swedish massage involves long and gliding strokes on your whole body while Shiatsu is more inclined towards lifting your muscles by squeezing, compressing and kneading your body completely. Choosing the kind of massage technique mainly depends on your need.

It is advisable to go with Swedish massage technique if your need is to relieve stress from your whole body and relax down.

However when you feel that your energy is down and needs a lift then Shiatsu massage can come to your help. This massage technique helps in breaking down energy levels tangled at various parts of your body and let them flow into your body completely.

With Shiatsu massage your mood gets uplifted and also helps you in better energy flow in your body. This helps in better lifestyle and concentration while you will also be able to transform energy in your body to performing better and efficiently.

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