What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is today not less-known but has become a general word as it is related to enhanced lifestyle and health worldwide. You find much information related to Shiatsu online and in magazine journals, which is attracting many people to understand it better and to maintain good health.

Basically, Shiatsu is a physical therapy, which maintains and strengthens the natural ability of the body to heal and be steady on its own. This therapy works on the person and provides benefits to the physical body with an emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects.

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What does Shiatsu Mean?

Shiatsu originated in Japan from the traditional Chinese medicine, and was greatly influenced from the past western therapies. Though Shiatsu in Japanese language means “finger pressure”, a practitioner applies the touch in the form of a comfortable pressure with various techniques that adjusts the physical posture of a human body and balances the flow of energy.

Fortunately, this therapy provides a deep and relaxing experience that is known for elevating the illness, anxiety and trauma in all natural way. It also helps to maintain good health and happiness as well.

Shiatsu when expressed in a specific term or through a simple Shiatsu definition is nothing but a form of healing touch that offers a method of supporting the body in every moment of life. In other words to express, it is a complete health care program that works with the own resources of the body to benefit it naturally.

How Shiatsu Helps and Works?

In case if the body is out of balance and sick, then such condition is treated with conventional medicine. However Shiatsu works differently and all naturally. Whatever is happening in your body can be supported by this method to a certain extent. You find no reactions of any drugs in this process as this form of massage is often performed on the simple joints and muscles.

On the whole, there are 838 shiatsu pressure points which are known as Atten in Japanese. These points are found on the nerves, lymph vessels, muscles, endocrine glands, blood vessels and bones and are applied with the right pressure on it. The main rule is that the tighter the muscles are, the lighter the pressure is applied to relax the muscles and make it firm and steady.

Like acupuncture, this Japanese therapy stimulates the body’s main energy which is known as “Qi”. To the point, Shiatsu is relaxing and calm in nature with dynamic effect on the body as it begins to re-adjust on its own and gives healing in a better way.

The person who receives it comes to know about mind and body and also the conscious and subconscious levels. He/she can go through the treatment for a good healing process by getting this treatment method.

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History of Shiatsu

An effective massage with Herbalism and acupuncture is considered as a main part of the Chinese medicine, introduced by the Buddhist monk to the Japanese in the 6th century. The Japanese developed and advanced most of the shiatsu methods to make it suitable to the physiology, climate and temperament.

Mainly, the experts developed the manual healing and the diagnostic arts which evolve the special techniques of treatment, massage and abdominal diagnosis which are mainly applied in the Shiatsu at present. Yet, this practice is familiar with its old name “Anma”. Its was separated from the medicine and is connected more to the pressure and relaxation.

Well, certain practitioners were apprehensive to preserve massage and other related methods as a conventional art of healing. One such practitioner is Tamai Tempaku who included the new western sciences of physiology and anatomy and other disciplines like chiropractic and physiotherapy and other older methods of the treatment.

Mainly, Tamai Tempaku used the term Shiatsu Ryoho or shiatsu ho which is today simply known as Shiatsu and accepted by the Japanese government in the year 1964 as an official term.

Shiatsu: A Massage Therapy with Loads of Therapeutic Benefits

If you wish to define Shiatsu in simple terms without any hard answer, then it is defined as a technique with more mobilization and stretches as per the Thai massage which relieves stress and stretches the muscle for better movements.

Overall it is not false to say that the therapeutic benefits of this ancient technique have gained popularity worldwide and every person is getting attracted to this treatment which has modernized according to the time. The therapy delivers good massage to the person and acts as an excellent traditional massage practice for providing complete natural healing to the body without any known risks.

As such there are many techniques followed by the Shiatsu experts where palm pressure and finger (without the use of any oil or lubricant) is used. One should therefore understand and know in detail about the Shiatsu massage therapy and how it benefits for getting the best help.

Getting The Benefits of Shiatsu with Shiatsu Massagers at Home

Shiatsu Massagers such as massage chairs, neck and back massagers, foot massagers, pillows, cushions, etc are now available for getting the benefits of Shiatsu massage at home.

You can buy these massagers or self massaging devices online to get the best shiatsu benefits and to live a healthy lifestyle. These do not cost much and can heal your body wonderfully without being heavy on your pockets. And the best thing is that you can make use of these devices at home for lifelong to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of shiatsu.

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